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 Current Scams & Prevention

Veterans benefits and their pensions are becoming the latest targets for scammers of the elderly.


Police from New York report: 81-Year-Old Marine Corps Veteran Held Hostage In Motel For 4 Years


The most prevalent, and the most unreported form of Elder Abuse . . . Elder FInancial Abuse


"Bad Apples Keep Rolling Back to Like-Minded Firms". Beware, not all financial advisors and firms have your best interests in mind.


Phone Scams Continue to be a Serious Threat, Remain on IRS “Dirty Dozen” List of Tax Scams for the 2016 Filing Season


Trust, But Verify Elder Care Workers by Chief Dan Flynn, Marietta Police Department


Cherokee County Senior Services Reports New Prescription Card Scam 


Top 10 Elderly Scams To Be Aware Of - National Council On Aging


J. Russell George Urges Taxpayers to Remain on "High Alert"


Yellow postcard offering prizes misleading elderly, disabled


Woman warns you about scam


Sheriff warns of persistent phone scam


Crooks try to run utility scam in Americus


Sheriff's office frustrated by latest phone scam


APD warns to watch out for phone scams


SCMPD warns of 'debt' scam


Have You Heard: Publishers Clearing House Phone Scam, Powerball Scam and bank transfer scam


Tools & Tips

to Protect Your Identity and

Avoid Getting Scammed

Did you know . . .
Government Agencies and Entities will NEVER contact you over the phone requesting immediate payments, money orders, money grams, or any type of liquid cash payment.
  • IRS
  • Social Security
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Police Department
  • Jury Duty
  • "Fake Fine" that you have no recollection
Did you know . . .
Caller ID can be fake.  Scammers purchase software that can be coded with another name and number, including your local Police Department's information. If you are unsure of the validity of the person calling you, it is best to verify the infomration over the internet.



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