Cobb Elder Abuse Task Force


Vulnerability . . . Loneliness . . . Predators . . .

Older Adults can become frail, vulnerable, and the target of abuse. So what do you do if you suspect someone in your neighborhood, at a care facility where you visit a relative or, worse case, in your family is being abused? And even worse yet, a family member doing the abusing.


According to Georgia State Law . . . Elder Abuse is any intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person who causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.


Who do I call to report Elder Abuse . . . even if I just suspect Elder Abuse, but it is outside of Cobb County? 

  • 911 or your Local Police

  • Adult Protective Services 866-552-4464x3 

  • Healthcare Facilities Regulations (HFR)  800-878-6442 (If the abuse is inside an Assisted Living, Personal Care Home or Nursing Home)

"If you suspect Elder Abuse - then go visit that elderly parent, neighbor or friend."


~ Chief Dan Flynn, Marietta Police Departme

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Upcoming Events

Monthly LEO Luncheons - Closed Meeting for all Law Enforcement, Regulatory Agents and prosecutors. Law Enforcement attendees receive post credit. More information contact:


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CEATF Biannual Meeting

Cobb Senior Center

1150 Powder Springs Street

Marietta, GA  30064 

For more information contact:


August 22, 2019


CEATF 2018 Goals

  • Meetings

    • 4 Quarterly meetings 

    • Semi-Annual meetings for all Georgia County Senior Services Directors

  • Public Training / Education Re: Elder Abuse Issues

    • Bank Training

    • Public Awareness Community Meetings

    • Mandated Reporting Training

    • Assist in nationwide development of standardized elder abuse registry

    • Partner with Georgia Department of Veteran Services to inform and educate Georgia’s elderly and at-risk veteran population

  • LEO Coordination

    • LEO lunch Info Exchanges & Benchmark Share

    • Attempt Team Cases

    • N. GA area LEO Luncheon/Info Exchanges

    • Tri-State Coordination Meeting (GA, AL, TN)

    • Support Georgia Rep. Sharon Cooper, Health & Human Services Committee Chairman, with registry enhancement and legislative initiatives concerning abuse and exploitation of elderly and at-risk adults

  • CEATF Administrative Pursuits

    • 501c Foundation formation and related task force enhancements

    • Public Awareness Posters/Billboard Initiatives

    • Meals on Wheels Elder Abuse Notices

    • CEATF name change to include North Georgia